Our Family


After graduating college and a little bit of long-distance dating, me and Alex decided to make things official (so that we could live in the same State, mostly) and ta da! were married in June, 2011. After six months with just the two of us, we decided it would be more fun to add a third. Callan was born in September, 2012…and now we’re expecting Baby Two! another little boy, due to join everyone in late August of 2014. Alex works as an advisor at a local college and as an online editor, and I stay home with my house, garden, and baby(ies).

This blog is my creative outlet recording our lovely lives together…pursuing knowledge, healthy living, parenthood, homemaking, joy, and the glory of our Lord. It’s random, sometimes silly and verges on the edge of being a “Mommy Blog”, but I love it and hope it blesses my readers. It also works to keep friends and family updated, since we’re all not-the-best at phone calls.

I am an Amazon Affiliate. This means that if you click on any of my Amazon links and make a purchase (of anything at all on Amazon), I receive a small percentage of the sale. Your cost doesn’t go up, and my grocery bill goes down a little.

In addition to Notes from Heidi, I’ve written a few guest blog posts, just in case you’re interested, over at Captive the HeartThe Sticky Note Addict, and Stethoscopes, Style, & Grace.

Family photo credit goes to our friend, Anna.