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Welcome to Notes from Heidi!

The “Home” page shows five blog posts at a time. Over on the side bar you’ll find a search bar, monthly quotes, my reading list for the year, popular and recent posts, and options for following the blog.

The page titled “Our Family” features our most recent family photo (the best one, that is) and a little introduction to who we are, what we’re about, and why I blog in the first place.

My list of book lists (yes, you read that correctly) may be found on “Oh, for a book“. I’ve kept track of books I finish for several years now, mostly for fun, but also for the benefit of others looking for something to read! Some of the books have reviews, and some don’t, but the list is there for your inspiration!

I began exploring the world of photography by learning to use the Manual Mode on my camera not too long ago. I find that I value my hobbies more if I keep track of them and can measure my improvement…and who doesn’t like just looking at a pretty picture every once in awhile?

The page titled “Cookery” chronicles my adventures in the kitchen. I only post recipes I make up, adapt, and test; recipes I link to (and other crafts, crochet projects, and DIY fun) may be found in the category called “Creative Juices“.

My little side ventures to earn a little extra income for our family are as an Etsy shop owner and sometimes a Mary Kay consultant, when the mood strikes me. We are a family committed to being debt free, and so any and all profit from these two businesses goes toward our bills. Visit the “Entrepreneurship” page for all the pertinent links and general info.


If you need to get ahold of me, email is the best option. I check like 20 times a day. Seriously.


Happy reading!