Manual Mode.

Last Summer, I decided to start learning how to use the manual mode on my Canon PowerShot SX40 HS. Though not a professional SLR camera, it’s good to practice on if you’re heading in that direction. I am (someday) hoping to head in that direction and eventually know how to use a professional camera, but want to learn a lot more about photography before investing in the equipment.

This page is for those images which I am “proud” of and my online photography record. This is, after all, a hobby, so I have no deadlines, no pressure, and no boss but my own. I make the rules, and I know that by keeping track of my progress I will, in fact, progress.

In addition to links to posts where I feature pictures, I’ll keep a current picture on this page as an example. You can also check out the blog category, Manual Mode, to see any and all posts about photography. Let the photographing (and super fun: namingpictures) begin!

teacher father.
ISO 3200
macro focus

Other Photos

jump splash.

white capped ripples.

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