7 Quick Takes: A day in the life (sort of).

I decided to do one of those “day in the life” posts…but only give seven points of the day, because that’s probably all I’ll remember anyway.


Let’s start with last night. It’s about 9:57 PM…and I’m fed up with Jetpack. I can’t get my gravatar image to load. But I literally cannot stare at the computer screen any longer. So tell me…is there a gravatar plugin that works, and a stat plugin I can download, so I can forever get rid of Jetpack?


6:22 AM. Get up, get dressed make Callan oatmeal, get distracted by the computer, salvage the oatmeal, put bread ingredients in the bread machine. Feed the boy and get us ready to take Alex to work…who is almost late, because we all lost track of time. Out the door by 7:31 AM.


8 AM. Back home to get all the library books together, make pancake batter for lunch later, deal with the meltdowns (of which there are three? four?), check email and communicate with my mom (all I did was post this video on her Facebook…but she has five daughters whom she loves and misses, so that’s good for today). I put beans for dinner on to soak, made my grocery list and a detailed to-do list for the day, because I was already forgetting things.


10 AM. We’ve collected our boy to be baby sat (my part time job, right now), and head to the library for Callan’s first day of their baby/toddler program. We sit, sing silly songs, read a book, and then let our little people interact for half an hour. During the music part Callan sits on my lap and looks around the room: “You guys, this is just…dumb.” He was not very impressed, but enjoyed all the toys. After the library we head to the grocery store for 5 (make that 6…7…hello, string cheese!…8 things) and I go $9 over budget. Cool.


12 PM. Back home again, where I have about 1 hour to simultaneously make/feed pancakes to two (very hungry and thirsty, Miss Heidi!) boys and assemble Boston baked beans in the crock pot for dinner. We have to go pick up milk, but find out at 12:30 that we don’t actually have to leave til 2 PM…awesome. So I put Callan down for a nap and sit and read for like 20 minutes by the time lunch is over (and my feet thank me, believe me!).


2 PM. We leave, pick up milk and meet someone with some birth supplies for me, come home, put on George for the kids, and sit. Just sit, for a few minutes. During those minutes, the living room turns into this:



The afternoon. Wash dishes, fold laundry, get a snack for the boys. I got a surprise gifts of a dress for my anniversary (which is awesome!) and these new pumas from thredUP; I left my (old, yucky) tennis shoes on my Southern trip and decided to update. Once the other boy gets picked up we’ll go pick up Alex from work, come home and eat, and then sit and do nothing with the air conditioner blasting. Maybe we’ll drink a glass of vino after Callan goes to bed, just for kicks.

It has been a good, full day.  How about you?? Oh, and Team Whitaker is hosting today, by the way…so thank you!

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Empathy vs. rudeness: Moms, don’t confuse them.

Toward the end of last week I met a nice lady while running errands. A mom of grown children herself, she congratulated me on baby two’s pending arrival and showed me pictures of her kids, describing their good qualities and reminiscing on “the good ol’ days” when they were little. She asked me what I was having, and when I told her “boy”, and that I have a 21 month old son as well, she said “wow, you have your hands full!” I agreed, with a slight smile, and after chatting a little more we parted ways.

I was slightly irritated, but I know why. It’s because lately, on Facebook and other social media outlets, some of the trending articles give whole lists of “things you should never say to a pregnant woman” and “things a mom of little kids won’t appreciate hearing”. Granted, there are a lot of insensitive things that people come up with; I’m not saying people are never rude. Weight comments, particularly, aren’t really in good taste at any time, not just pregnancy.

Sometimes, I think, we moms (and especially when pregnant) have a tendency to take offense at the slightest little remark (I blame it on the hormones, but you know…) and I think we need to take a break from immersing our minds in all the potential offensive things people might say in the grocery store and take honest stock of each situation as it comes.

  1. This woman obviously loves being a mom, and remembers the days when her children were little with fondness.
  2. When she made that comment, she was smiling. Her face was kind. Her eyes were genuinely sympathetic, because she remembers.
  3. She was not speaking flippantly, rudely, or sarcastically. She was being empathetic.

Now, I don’t appreciate weight comments any more than the next person, but really, how many of those do we actually hear on a regular basis? And guessing the gender? asking about twins? guessing the due date?…what is really offensive about all of that? Okay, maybe insensitive…and I’ll warrant that after a hard day some of those things do rub me the wrong way…but.

I think we need to acknowledge that even though the hormones are a whole level of crazy that just can’t be explained, we can still control them enough to know when a person is trying to be rude and when they’re trying to empathize, relate to us, or simply say something that speaks to our situation, and take the comments in the spirit they’re intended. Maybe they’ve forgotten what it feels like or don’t know what it feels like, but how many people honestly approach a conversation with a pregnant woman thinking “I should just make sure to tell her how miserable she is, because she obviously doesn’t know?”

Because the truth is, I do have my hands full. And I appreciate that a stranger took a moment to recognize where I’m at, show a little sympathy and support, and then send me on my merry, acknowledged, respected, and very busy way.

Oh, and p.s.: I did appreciate this article. Being a mom of a sensitive kid myself, I would encourage people to think a little extra when kids are around. I may be in control of how I receive comments, but it’s not reasonable to expect that same level of control from children.

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We are three years old.

Saturday was our third wedding anniversary, and about three and a half years since we started dating. We’ve come a long way, since then…

…while dating, from the Midwest to the West coast to the East coast to East Asia to the South and back.

…when engaged, five long hours away from one another, teaching at two different classical schools and seeing one another a couple of times a month (Alex did the bulk of the traveling, it’s true.)

…married, we’ve been all over the US and to Ireland. Between the two of us we’ve had six jobs, almost two babies, become involved in a church community, and made an apartment a happy, cozy little home.

For the third year in a row we celebrated God’s providence in putting us together by spending some time alone; we skimped on the presents this year, but had a fantastic dinner (steak! Happy pregnant lady!) and caught up on some much needed conversation, connecting as friends again after a very crazy month.

These, seriously, were all I wanted for an anniversary gift.

And this is the local attraction Alex discovered after dinner; he named it the “man-bush-vine”, or something like that.

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The Liebster Blog award.

All of a sudden it’s like “woah! Things are happening in the blog world!”  First off, I’m co-hosting the “That Friday Blog Hop” over at Rebecca’s blog.

Second, my friend Davy nominated me for the Liebster Blog Award yesterday, which is flattering, fun, and convenient because my exhausted brain is tired of being wracked for post ideas, and she took care of Tuesday for me! So, without further ado…

Here are the rules:

  • if you’re nominated, write a post with 11 random facts about yourself (I’m only doing 5)
  • answer 11 questions the person who nominated you asks (I’m only answering 5)
  • nominate 11 other bloggers with less than 200 followers and let them know (I’m only nominating 5)
  • make up 11 of your own questions (guess what? …yep, 5)
  • post the rules!

It’s simple, a fun way to connect…and lets you learn some things about your blogger friends you might not know otherwise.

5 random facts about me

  1. rubbing flour between my hands gives me goosebumps
  2. I like string cheese
  3. I once quit a Russian class because the teacher was a snob
  4. watching my son eat lettuce makes me gag
  5. everything in my life happens in phases: books, movies, TV shows, cooking, eating, cleaning…I’m consistent in most things but feel like a migrating fish through most others

Davy’s questions

Why do you blog?
Mostly because I like it and it’s a creative outlet for me, but now also to try and earn a little supplemental income for my family. A longer version can be found here.
Do you know any foreign languages? If so, which one(s)?
At one point, I knew Russian and German at a functional level, and then taught Latin for two years. I haven’t practiced in so long, though, that I have forgotten a lot and it would take some serious studying to catch up again.
How many states have you visited?
Um, probably around 43.
What was the best class you ever took?
British literature in college; I got a C+, but the professor was so great and taught me how to read and love literature better than anyone else, I think.
Do you prefer shopping in person or online? Why?
Online. It’s so much less exhausting. Being out and about, though refreshing at times, is not my favorite thing.

My nominees

For Want of Wonder
That Still Center
Latham Living
Brian & Kate + Fate
This Northern Belle

I don’t have my own questions…so, people I nominated, you should answer Davy’s too! Happy blogging!

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