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Baby Two at 30 weeks: some amazing things.

Today, I was tired. Yesterday, I was tired. Tomorrow, I anticipate being tired. It’s that point of pregnancy. At about 30 weeks, I feel every step, every movement, and while I’m not yet super uncomfortable, the word “cumbersome” and “oof!” echo in my mind multiple times, daily. The food? It’s all delicious and going to the right places. The iron? Well, I’m very anemic again and on a full iron supplement (I’ve been on a half dose for the whole pregnancy, so far). So anemic, in fact, that the midwife’s little finger-prick-tester-machine wouldn’t give her a number the first time; it just said “lo”.


Due to  the fact that a pregnancy is indeed a family affair, I have to say “Happy Father’s Day” to the man who amazes me. Alex wakes up with Callan every morning to give me a few extra minutes to sleep. He works two jobs. He makes time for reading, writing, and helping me clean. He is just as tired (if not more so) than me…and yet he took Callan away for a few hours this weekend to give me a break, played outside with him a lot of the afternoon on Sunday, and in general earned about ten thousand dad/husband points by just being here.


Today? It was amazing that Callan woke up at 5:45. It was amazing that he took an hour nap at 8:30. It was amazing that he didn’t wake up grumpy, that he ate carrot sticks with lunch (!!) and that he took another two and a half hour nap this afternoon. The little boy I’m babysitting also took an hour nap; I literally sat on the couch, amazed, for a few minutes, not knowing what to do with myself. Actually, I sat on the couch a lot today, unable to be anything but exhausted, and watched as the boys played together happily, letting me rest.

Can I use the word “amazing” one more time? No? Okay okay…fine.

The thing that took my breath away (aside from our walk, when I started getting worried about early labor because holy crap Braxton Hicks!) was when Callan opened a “Baby Signs” book, looked at the illustrations of different signs, and started doing them. He was literally reading sign language out of a baby book; several of them were signs he’s never done before.



We are beginning potty training tomorrow, and if I needed encouragement to get started, I didn’t know it. But that was so encouraging to realize that he’s making those kinds of connections, and gives me hope that maybe (maybe) he’ll be potty trained in the next month.

On the agenda for the rest of the week:

  • start potty training, and don’t freak out
  • continue to notice these little things that make you thankful, because you’ve had a good start this week!
  • get motivated to do a) some exercise, and b) some cleaning, and c) some resting and d) some more resting…
  • wash and bleach those poor cloth diapers that have been sitting for…ahem…
  • rest some more and ignore the to-do list. Because those Braxton Hicks are kicking your butt, and baby has to stay inside for at least another seven weeks.

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