7 Quick Takes: A day in the life (sort of).

I decided to do one of those “day in the life” posts…but only give seven points of the day, because that’s probably all I’ll remember anyway.


Let’s start with last night. It’s about 9:57 PM…and I’m fed up with Jetpack. I can’t get my gravatar image to load. But I literally cannot stare at the computer screen any longer. So tell me…is there a gravatar plugin that works, and a stat plugin I can download, so I can forever get rid of Jetpack?


6:22 AM. Get up, get dressed make Callan oatmeal, get distracted by the computer, salvage the oatmeal, put bread ingredients in the bread machine. Feed the boy and get us ready to take Alex to work…who is almost late, because we all lost track of time. Out the door by 7:31 AM.


8 AM. Back home to get all the library books together, make pancake batter for lunch later, deal with the meltdowns (of which there are three? four?), check email and communicate with my mom (all I did was post this video on her Facebook…but she has five daughters whom she loves and misses, so that’s good for today). I put beans for dinner on to soak, made my grocery list and a detailed to-do list for the day, because I was already forgetting things.


10 AM. We’ve collected our boy to be baby sat (my part time job, right now), and head to the library for Callan’s first day of their baby/toddler program. We sit, sing silly songs, read a book, and then let our little people interact for half an hour. During the music part Callan sits on my lap and looks around the room: “You guys, this is just…dumb.” He was not very impressed, but enjoyed all the toys. After the library we head to the grocery store for 5 (make that 6…7…hello, string cheese!…8 things) and I go $9 over budget. Cool.


12 PM. Back home again, where I have about 1 hour to simultaneously make/feed pancakes to two (very hungry and thirsty, Miss Heidi!) boys and assemble Boston baked beans in the crock pot for dinner. We have to go pick up milk, but find out at 12:30 that we don’t actually have to leave til 2 PM…awesome. So I put Callan down for a nap and sit and read for like 20 minutes by the time lunch is over (and my feet thank me, believe me!).


2 PM. We leave, pick up milk and meet someone with some birth supplies for me, come home, put on George for the kids, and sit. Just sit, for a few minutes. During those minutes, the living room turns into this:



The afternoon. Wash dishes, fold laundry, get a snack for the boys. I got a surprise gifts of a dress for my anniversary (which is awesome!) and these new pumas from thredUP; I left my (old, yucky) tennis shoes on my Southern trip and decided to update. Once the other boy gets picked up we’ll go pick up Alex from work, come home and eat, and then sit and do nothing with the air conditioner blasting. Maybe we’ll drink a glass of vino after Callan goes to bed, just for kicks.

It has been a good, full day.  How about you?? Oh, and Team Whitaker is hosting today, by the way…so thank you!

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