Apartments in Town Meeting with the Lord Our Small Ones

The sauna outside, tons of baby clothes, and prayer.

I spent most of the afternoon feeling bad because I didn’t take Callan outside today. That is, not outside to play. We took Alex to work and went to WalMart and the library, but we didn’t go for a walk or play in the yard. I turned the a/c on before 9 AM, because it felt like a sauna out there at 8. And I said “ain’t no way I’m going outside anymore than I have to.”

Instead, I spent all morning sorting, putting away, washing, and storing aaaaaaaaaallll of the baby clothes. And as I posted on Facebook this morning, I’m so glad we’re having another boy. The thought of doubling the amount of baby clothes we have seems impossible; the buckets are literally coming out of corners, ya’ll, and I can’t open my bedroom door all the way.

Callan kept me company hanging out on the bed, reading and cracking himself up by putting baby clothes on his head. He had fun playing inside today (pretending my nightgown was a cape happened, too), so I guess I shouldn’t feel too bad.

And…ohmygoodnessI’mexcited. Looking at all the wee little things again and thinking “soon! Soon soon!” I can hardly believe how fast time is flying.

32 weeks. I feel jus’ a lil’ puffy.

That said, I do have a couple of prayer requests…

  • I am…anxious. I’m not scared I won’t be able to push the baby out. I’m not scared of having a home birth. And I’m not scared of transferring to the hospital again. I’m nervous that since we were in the “minority” of abnormal labors and deliveries last time with Callan, we will be again…except more serious, this time. Like, transverse position, or cord prolapse…all these scenarios keep running through my head and I’ve spent a lot of time battling fear with prayer, soothing essential oils, and pregnancy tea these last few days.
  • We have a list of things we need to do and a (short) list of things we need to buy before the baby comes, but are a little overwhelmed at the thought of fitting these extras in around our already-crazy schedules. Please pray we find peace, prioritize well, and enjoy the “getting-ready” time. It’s also our last couple of months of just the three of us, and I want to treasure it.

Thanks, friends, for the kind comments and support you’ve shown us so far. I’m glad that the community around the blog is an encouraging part of our lives, and so excited to show off our new little guy in just a matter of weeks.

Hopefully tomorrow it won’t feel like a sauna outside, because I would like to make a serious effort to let Callan have some play time.

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