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We are three years old.

Saturday was our third wedding anniversary, and about three and a half years since we started dating. We’ve come a long way, since then…

…while dating, from the Midwest to the West coast to the East coast to East Asia to the South and back.

…when engaged, five long hours away from one another, teaching at two different classical schools and seeing one another a couple of times a month (Alex did the bulk of the traveling, it’s true.)

…married, we’ve been all over the US and to Ireland. Between the two of us we’ve had six jobs, almost two babies, become involved in a church community, and made an apartment a happy, cozy little home.

For the third year in a row we celebrated God’s providence in putting us together by spending some time alone; we skimped on the presents this year, but had a fantastic dinner (steak! Happy pregnant lady!) and caught up on some much needed conversation, connecting as friends again after a very crazy month.

These, seriously, were all I wanted for an anniversary gift.

And this is the local attraction Alex discovered after dinner; he named it the “man-bush-vine”, or something like that.

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