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A look inside a pregnant brain. Get ready.

Someday I think I should do one those “a day in the life” posts…you know? Where bloggers break down their day, giving you times and details? Maybe I will tomorrow…but for now, here are all the random things going through my head today that didn’t quite make it onto one cohesive post. Get ready, because some of them are doozies. And yes, this totally accurately depicts the state of my brain and what thoughts run through it in about a ten minute time span.

Yes, it drives me crazy.

You’ve been warned.

Yes. This dress (from thredUP, naturally)…so comfy, light, and a good new dress for our anniversary. A little see through…but maybe if I wear white underwear it won’t matter. I really don’t want any extra layers adding to my perpetual sweatiness.

All those garden greens are just sitting there wilting. I should wash them…later.

Itch…scratch…ow…dadgummit…stupid bug bites! I need my essential oil refills! Okay…tea tree, lavender, eucalyptus (for the diaper smell in Callan’s room), and oregano. I’ve got to see if it helps the eczema/crazy rash/wart outbreak on my hand. Husband approved ordering…boom.

Can I possibly stand to stand there and put a pot of water on for spaghetti noodles? I promised the boys spaghetti, so I guess I must.

Man, the boys had fun at the splash park today. It did feel good to put on a swimsuit and get wet…I just wish I had the energy to walk over there more often. Tomorrow they’ll be distracted by all the errands, and maybe I can get another 3 hour nap out of Callan. Because that was awesome.

I’m out of chocolate.

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I need a “thing” for my Etsy shop…one item I can make my own; my signature piece that I’m known for. I think baby mobiles would be super fun, a way to learn to make all kinds of stuffed animals, and something a little more unique than scrubbies and dishcloths. I think the first animal I need to learn to make is an elephant. And in the meantime, I need to just put the entire shop’s inventory at 50% off. It would be nice to use that drawer for baby clothes, or something.

The bathroom smells like diapers. Someone should take the trash out.

I wonder what it would be like to win the lottery. What would I do with an extra…hmm…I’d buy my birth kit, for starters.

How in the world did I rope myself into making pancakes for a snack?? There has got to be a way to get out of this…I know! I’ll offer him cheese with his apples. That’s unusual enough to distract him from pancakes, right?

Nota bene: I did put my entire Etsy inventory at 50% off. I also ordered my essential oils. I did not make pancakes for a snack. I’m planning on solving the chocolate situation tomorrow. I washed my greens, made spaghetti, and spent Callan’s nap trying to figure out how to crochet a small elephant (measurements, pattern people!). And I’m sort of hoping we win some kind of lottery, sometime.

A good Thursday, for sure. 

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