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The hold system at the library and the end of our Spring garden.

If I wrote to a “Dear Sally” column in a newspaper, this is the question I would ask her:

Dear Sally,

Do the ladies who work at the library mind that I use the online hold system for every single book I check out so that I can pick it up rather than go look for it?

But really, what would they rather deal with…collecting books for a lady to pick up, or the lady letting her toddler run riot down the stacks while she searches for books to read?

Am I the laziest library lover ever, or just plain practical?

A concerned patron of a public library

That is what I would ask. I obviously dearly love the hold system, because I have 10 books on hold right now.

Sad but true: after two more destructive forays on the part of the groundhogs, I’m throwing in the towel with the garden for this season.

It would take so much work for Alex to keep them out, and the man is working so hard already. It would take so much work for me to prune and re-plant and get seedlings (which aren’t in the budget, anyway), and I honestly don’t have the energy for it. What energy I do have I’d rather spend putting up freezer meals and getting the house ready for the baby. I won’t let the vegetables that are still alive go to waste; I’ll harvest them and use them happily. But I can’t handle more investment at the moment, and Alex doesn’t really want to deal with more disappointed-hormonal-wife-meltdowns. So until the Fall, we’re saying “you win” to the groundhogs.

This Fall I’m hoping to just plant a few rows with a lot of a few ingredients; namely beets, onions, carrots, beans, and peas. The rows will make it simpler for me and hopefully we’ll get even more, next time. For now, though, I’ll just be giving good business to the local farmer’s market so that I can get a supply of tomatoes in the freezer for the winter.

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