The Liebster Blog award.

All of a sudden it’s like “woah! Things are happening in the blog world!”  First off, I’m co-hosting the “That Friday Blog Hop” over at Rebecca’s blog.

Second, my friend Davy nominated me for the Liebster Blog Award yesterday, which is flattering, fun, and convenient because my exhausted brain is tired of being wracked for post ideas, and she took care of Tuesday for me! So, without further ado…

Here are the rules:

  • if you’re nominated, write a post with 11 random facts about yourself (I’m only doing 5)
  • answer 11 questions the person who nominated you asks (I’m only answering 5)
  • nominate 11 other bloggers with less than 200 followers and let them know (I’m only nominating 5)
  • make up 11 of your own questions (guess what? …yep, 5)
  • post the rules!

It’s simple, a fun way to connect…and lets you learn some things about your blogger friends you might not know otherwise.

5 random facts about me

  1. rubbing flour between my hands gives me goosebumps
  2. I like string cheese
  3. I once quit a Russian class because the teacher was a snob
  4. watching my son eat lettuce makes me gag
  5. everything in my life happens in phases: books, movies, TV shows, cooking, eating, cleaning…I’m consistent in most things but feel like a migrating fish through most others

Davy’s questions

Why do you blog?
Mostly because I like it and it’s a creative outlet for me, but now also to try and earn a little supplemental income for my family. A longer version can be found here.
Do you know any foreign languages? If so, which one(s)?
At one point, I knew Russian and German at a functional level, and then taught Latin for two years. I haven’t practiced in so long, though, that I have forgotten a lot and it would take some serious studying to catch up again.
How many states have you visited?
Um, probably around 43.
What was the best class you ever took?
British literature in college; I got a C+, but the professor was so great and taught me how to read and love literature better than anyone else, I think.
Do you prefer shopping in person or online? Why?
Online. It’s so much less exhausting. Being out and about, though refreshing at times, is not my favorite thing.

My nominees

For Want of Wonder
That Still Center
Latham Living
Brian & Kate + Fate
This Northern Belle

I don’t have my own questions…so, people I nominated, you should answer Davy’s too! Happy blogging!

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